Beautiful diapers for beautiful babies

Reusable cloth diapers


Allow to save 700-800 EUR in the first two years




What is different about the cloth diapers?

Reusable diapers are sewn from special quality fabrics, that give exceptional comfort for baby. Outer fabric is PUL laminated polyester, it stops liquids, but lets air through. This allows skin to breathe, at the same time the diapers do not leak. Inner fabric is a pleasant to touch natural bamboo fiber fleece, that does not irritate skin. I doesn’t absorb liquids, but lets it go to the middle layer staying dry. Bamboo fleece also helps thermoregulation by preventing overheating. This is especially important for boys in the warm or hot weather. The middle layer is a separate insert from absorbing fabrics: microfleece from the bamboo charcoal. These modern materials  make the inserts, that are able to absorb liquids and lock the smell.

What makes a high quality cloth diaper

100% liquid-proof outer layer

Wide range of sizing options

Non-irritating pleasant inner fabric

Convenient design of insert pockets

Why use cloth diapers?

Saves money

Reusable diapers have an universal size, they will “grow” with your baby. You can change the height and width of a diaper for babies from 3.6 to 16 kilos. Also they are a great help in pot-learning.

Have you ever counted how much do you spend for diapers a day? In a month? In a year? Did it happen to you, that a diaper, that you have just put on your baby needs to be changed in 10 minutes? Till age of two a baby uses over 4000 diapers, taht cost over 1000 EUR!


With cloth diapers you will be able to save 700-800 EUR, but if later you use them for a second baby, you will save 2 or 3 times more. One time spend on cloth diapers will pay itself in about 2-3 months. We are sure, that your family will find a nice way to spend the saved money.

Childhood without chemicals

Even the expensive kinds of disposable diapers use the absorbing gels, chemical colors and other substances, that can irritate baby skin and sometimes even cause dermatitis. Disposable diapers can contain dioxin, soda polyacryl, plastic, xylene, ethylbenzine and other chemicals. The problem is even bigger in summer, when heated by the sun diapers can cause overheating and harm your baby.

Cloth diapers allow skin to breathe, also the bamboo fleece helps thermoregulation by letting heat escape. Baby can feel comfort in any situation with them, but the pleasant to wear bamboo fleece does not irritate skin, when baby is moving.

Convenient and beautiful

When you use disposable diapers, rubbish bin gets full every day. To get rid of unpleasant smell, you have to emty the bin often, some moms do it multiple times a day. This issue disappears with cloth diapers.

Cloth diapers are not only comfortable for babies, they are a great help in pot-learning. Babies, that wear cloth diapers often learn to use a pot faster and earlier.

Tastes differ, but we are sure, that every mom would choose bright colorful design diapers for her baby, instead of a “paper product” look of a disposable nappy. Choose the beautiful and interesting design diapers, and they will bring joy to you and your baby.

Care about ecology

Every mom wants the best for her baby. We can influence the future world, where our kids will live. Till the age of two every baby uses about 4000 diapers, that decompose in tens of years. Imagine a pile of 4000 diapers, that are used by every of 16000 babies, that are born every hour! Planet pollution with disposables, including disposable diapers, is a huge problem, that can only be solved by eco-friendly lifestyle.

How many diapers do I need?


There are three main parameters, that influence needed quantity of cloth diapers:

  • How often would you like to wash them
  • How often your baby requires a change of a diaper
  • Will you use only cloth diapers or combine them with disposable ones


In a family with a baby every saved euro is worth. However buying less diapers saves money, a lot of moms get tired of washing clothes every day. We know how busy moms are and how valuable every minute is. So we made calculations for washing once a week, we do not recommend this option. For keeping clean and get rid of the smell, we recommend to wash diapers once every 2-4 days.

All babies are different. Some needs a change of diaper 10-12 times a day, others are fine with 6-8 changes. In any case you have to understand, that it depends on the age. With every month the  need for diaper changes during a day decreases a little.

We consider cloth diapers are more comfortable, beautiful and healthier, we do not recommend to stop using disposable diapers. They can be very useful in some situations. For example, for very long walks it is handy to have some disposable nappies with you. We offer you to combine using of cloth and disposable diapers for the best comfort.

Trial set
75 EUR
4 cloth diapers
10 inserts
Base set
110 EUR
6 cloth diapers
15 inserts
Premium set
145 EUR
8 cloth diapers
20 inserts
1 bamboo nappy tissue
Free shipping
VIP set
205 EUR
12 cloth diapers
30 inserts
1 bamboo nappy tissue
1 water-proof nappy bag
Free shipping



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